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Me? Well, where do I start?


I’m in my early 40’s – I know, I don’t look it! I’ve been approached a few times for work then it’s been turned down at the last minute as I don’t fit the age demographic. I’m young at heart and like to keep my finger on the pulse.


I’m married to Alison – we’ve been together for nearly 25 years (yes, she deserves a medal!) and we make a great team. She’s responsible for keeping me right and organised and is always on hand to chip in and graft for me.


We live on the North East coast of England, nestled on the top edge of North Yorkshire, overlooking the sea and sandy beaches in easy reach of Newcasetle, Middlesbrough, York, Leeds and Sheffield with good transport links to the rest of the UK and the world.


I stand out! It is very unusual if you see me and I aren’t wearing a pair of pink shoes of some kind. My collection keeps growing, it’s become my main identifying feature and always strikes up conversation. They match my colourful personality


I have a genetic condition, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and am an ambulatory wheelchair user – I don’t use my wheelchair full time but it makes getting around much easier for me. And what colour is my wheelchair? Pink, of course! I have a number of other conditions associated with EDS and I’m also neurodivergent which – probably why I’m so quirky in general!


What makes me tick? Music! I love live music and go to gigs very regularly. I also love going to live sports, theatre and comedy as well as travelling. I like to visit new venues and experience new things.


What do I do as a job? This is a very open question. I don’t really have a single job title or one line of work that I’m involved in. I suppose I’m just a cheerleader for the positive experiences that can be achieved despite having a disability.

I’m an advisor. A reviewer. A speaker. A panel guest. A podcaster. An advocate. A promoter. A writer. A designer. A content creator. A salesman. A product tester. A listening ear. An agony uncle. 


When I left university, what feels like many moons ago now, I spent a couple of years looking around to find a career that would keep my mind busy and engage my creativity but work around my physical difficulties to give me flexibility and independence.

I got into internet retail before moving into retail in the adult pleasure product market.

Over the years, I learned a lot about how the industry ticks and built up a knowledge base of products and manufacturers.

I started to diversify my retail site to focus more on disabled people and their needs in the bedroom but thought there had to be more for me to get involved in.

When the worldwide pandemic hit in 2020, online sales were good but I had itchy feet. It seemed the perfect time to start exploring possibilities and the rest, as they say, is history.


From the comfort and security of my office with the power of internet calling, here I am today – loving what I do! No two days are the same, I’m meeting new people all of the time and I get paid for chatting – what’s not to love?





Why wouldn’t you want to? I’ve got a huge knowledge base, a good circle of contacts and a desire to make a difference in the world of disability.


From the entertainment angle, I do accessibility reviews of venues including anything from large stadiums to small arts centres or local village halls. I can offer feedback on accessibility, parking, facilities and overall experience as well as make suggestions about changes that can be made to make experiences better. 

Sometimes, just small things like a named staff member or in-seat drinks service can make a visit so much easier. Even down to things like seating positions and ticket purchasing can be tricky for some visitors – I can help to audit the venue with the management and help to instigate some tweaks and new policies.

My advice can also be invaluable to new venues or places who think they aren’t or can’t be accessible – a little bit of thought, some staff training and a couple of pieces of equipment might be all you actually need.

I can do a ‘secret shop’ of a venue to give feedback on my experience directly to the management. I’m also happy to offer advice to venue customers to help them find the right venue for their needs or how to get the best out of a venue if they already have tickets booked. The accessibility isn’t just for wheelchair users – I can advise on ambulatory disabilities (using walking sticks, crutches, frames etc) as well as visual and hearing disabilities and neurodiversity.


From the adult pleasure angle, I can help to both recommend products for customers’ use and make recommendations to companies to improve existing products or design new ones.

So many things aren’t considered from an accessibility angle which could easily be introduced into a mainstream market. Simple changes to packaging or chargers can encourage a wider customer base. And what about the texture or the colour? – for someone who isn’t aware of subtle barriers, it’s easy to overlook.

I work to consult on how products can be evolved as well as help to get products through the UK retail system and into the hands of the consumer.

I can help to suggest positions, accessories and simple tweaks to help customers to achieve a fulfilled sex life. I can work with a specified budget to help you to research and purchase products for you and I can put you in touch with other people who can offer you advice and guidance.


These are by no means exhaustive lists – I am open to suggestions and proposals for new ventures. I work on a freelance basis and can offer my time as a one-off session or a longer contract. I am available to offer consultancy to individuals, groups, companies, organisations, charities and more. I can work alone or as part of a team or collaboration and I can offer flexibility. I am able to work remotely, via online conferencing or I can travel to work with you in person.

I do have set rates for the work that I offer but everything is flexible, negotiable and can be tailored to you.

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